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Spirit Speak 101

Today has been a powerful day of spirit INSISTING to be heard!

On any given day I see a lot of spirit numbers but today was really something. In a 4 hour period of time I saw these numbers.

888 x 3

88 x 10

777 x 5

77 x 3

66 x 3

444 x 2

47 x 3 (house I grew up in)

68 x 3 (aba)

84 x 3my birth year)

Some people call these angel numbers and I think it’s a pretty good name because that’s basically what it is, angels are a definition of spiri, and spirit is kind of like god… except MANY, which supposedly goes contrary to the notion of the ‘god’ that we all know, but perhaps is closer to the spirit of truth than we think. ;) it is the unification of many.

people have all kind of personal spirit numbers… like i have 68, my fathers age when he died, 47 the house I grew up in and 84 the year I was born. I see them a lot and they bring a certain vibration with them. A resonance of FEELING. In my case, a comfort and a confirmation.

Other than nature, Numbers are the most distinct way spirit speaks to me for many many years - the numbers are communicating from the dimensional realms.

This afternoon I channeled my downloads of these spirit numbers for ya'll because perhaps they are meant to speak to you too. Maybe I am just meant to share what I hear from spirit...

So here they are 🙏

111 omnipresence. the dissolution of the many into one shared consciousness… wishful dreamy manifesting opportunity. Powerful reminder for stillness.


Bold, brave, principled, righteous. Warrior energy, the ultimate reflection of light against dark and through each other. Tap in tap out connect and detach.


The US of spirit: love, harmony, peace, tranquility, union, honest, safe, home, hope.


Hesitation, disguise, read between the lines, things not as they seem, neither good or bad presides.... let it be. It is as it is. Fourth dimension


Hahaha laughter is the key. Bring joy into your world and life is but a dream. Light hearted, silly, don’t sweet the small stuff


The dark side. It is what it is.

We all know… in one way or another

That it’s the wolf that we feed

that preserves one from the other.


Unicorn mountain, the ginger bread house and Willy wonkas chocolate factory !anything is possible if you rub your lamp

Of magic, musings and possibility.


Existence, infinity, triad of eternity, godliness, creation & destruction and everything in between, all that is, EIN SOF


I just realised that I pretty much never see this. Apparently it means endings according to someone else’s channeling online! I’m pretty sure that my ending will be at The End, after I’m all done here and gone back  ✌️ still lots of work to do.

Want to have a reading?

Let's play

45min $111


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