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Mental Health Musings

Expressions/behaviours of ‘mental illness’ have no BIOMARKERS. Rather, they reflect the correlations that exist between the way our genetic levels of sensitivity reacts to environmental stresses.

Family dynamics, little t and big T trauma, Social expectations, economic pressure, and governmental control all impact our nervous system.

Mental health diagnosis are adaptations developed by the psyche to deal with emotional pain.

This pain almost always originates from the family. Lack of education around early childhood trauma leads to a perpetuated cycle of pain and protection.

Feeling unloved can come in a million different forms… but it’s one’s level of sensitivity (also understood as one’s willingness/capability to feel) that more often than not, determines one’s disposition to and manifestation of ‘mental illness’.

Said slightly differently to labour the point, It’s ones genetic disposition to being sensitive in an unsupportive environment that determines one’s likelihood to develop a ‘mental Illness’.

Despite the fact that mental “illnesses”are actually the minds natural coping mechanism to respond to trauma… they are viewed as malfunctions, which gives people very little space to be seen as functional, and able to heal - which they can.

Healing is made possible in safe environment where persistent and consistent ‘alternative narrative reinforcement’ is active for a period of time. This period could be necessarily the entire life. Reinforcing one’s self worth is a very worthy daily practice.

In a nutshell, mental “illness” is not hereditary, genes for sensitivity may be hereditary, but mental ‘illness’ is inherited through behaviour. Trauma is passed on one hurt person to another. The characteristics that become our personality are often determined by our level of sensitivity in response to not having basic needs met during early childhood.

We can transmute trauma into triumphant narratives and empowered lives when we recognise and honour our mental response to challenging circumstances as functional, self protective and natural.

As a mental health practitioner I offer one in one sessions in my Randwick studio as well as online. Reach out for support and I’ll create a safe space with you for healing.

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