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Spiralling is a noun to describe the experience of thoughts / personal narratives / conversations and dialogues ‘spiralling’ into a place where we find ourselves ‘stuck in a mental loop ‘ -

lapping our own points with repetitive comments,  justifying our beliefs that things ARE a certain way, to keep us feeling ‘safe & secure when in the end all we feel is immensely insecure.

spiralling acts as a barrier from having to feel the pain of the present moment - which doubles as a blocker from our ability to go through it and discover another perspective and the strength born from being ALIVE.

Spiralling it is a form of unconscious disassociation.

There are many ways that we humans unconsciously disassociate - our social model thrives on helping us to disassociate from pain… but ultimately our flight flight freeze dawn response is our nervous systems way to self preserve energy lost from getting upset - nature way of saving us from feeling pain.

And yet the pain itself is the portal for transformation. Otherwise we stay in the same place.

we must look at ‘it’ to get through it.

To appreciate conscious dissociation one must see the value of dissociation itself: a means of protecting ourSELF from getting hurt.

Conscious disassociation is when we have the ‘response ability’ to notice ourselves spiralling and take stock of it - when we can create space in our awareness by simply choosing to stop. catch ourselves in the moment of spiralling and see ourselves from ABOVE. From outside of our physical reality - and allow ourselves to tap into that place deep within.

When we stop and look from above we create the necessary spaciousness to feel ourselves AS WE ARE in that moment, we get to lean in from a place of trusting in the process, knowing that we are part of something so much bigger, found within whenever we need.

It can be as simple as stopping. Sitting. And breathing - for us to be able to recentre, let go and allow the flow back into our conscious awareness.

Stop. Sit. Breathe.

Give yourself space.

Our ability to respond develops from the space we create within.

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