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Art Experiences

Therapeutic, Healing, Wholesome!

For children, adults, families as well as corporate team building days.


Landmark Family Painting Collab Day + Video!

There are times in life when you want to do something really really special for someone you love… and it has become harder and harder to find unique and meaningful gifts in the commercial commodified landscape! 

Creating a collaborative masterpiece for someone you love is a winner, and you get to have fun along the way. 

Children Art Therapy

Looking for a caring, sensitive, creative and switched on facilitator for your kids? Book an introductory session to see whats possible from craft, to sand play, to plasticine, to paper mache, our sessions are focused on expressing our emotions through play and creativity, for a well balanced and joyful experience of life. 

Crafts Activity


Never has there been a simpler, more profound meditation tool that is as fun and addictive as a magicstick. Become the swivel of your own balancing stick and realign your sense of being in the world by tappling into flow state!

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