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Commercial Body Painting

Static Art & Live Painting Installations


Marketing your product with body painting is without a doubt, one of the most effective ways of drawing attention! Becoming ONE with your goods and services is exactly what the consumer wants to experience. Whether you are a fruit stand or a tour guide, mimetic body painting is a great way to spark attention to your product! A brilliant and effective way of showcasing the human body without offence, with class and in a strong and effective way. Mimetic body painting has many uses that include advertising, campaigning, activism and personal projects.

Mimetism, as it is known, accentuates the notion of becoming one with whatever you are doing, think- ing, writing, eating, making, using... .

Campaigns for the bold & creative types. 

“ There are really no words to describe the impact of Orly Faya’s live body paint show! We enjoyed a constant buzz of attention and energy at our stall at the Milano shoe Expo in 2018 as passers by stopped to marvel at the amazing work taking place. We look forward to having Orly join us again this year! Her work is a huge attraction and an asset to any kind of event. “


Our Clients Say

Why do a Living Art Installation?

Living art Installations are a culmination of art, dance and performance, brought to life via a collaborative concept development process with creative extravaganza Orly Faya and your own creative teams.

The possibilities for living art installations are truly endless!

Each brand and event carries its own theme, intention and drive.


Living Art Installations are customised productions that showcase LIVE body paint sets, complete with backdrops, stage design, props and set elements, leading into a climactic performances that will light up the stage and become etched in the memory of your customers for a long time after the event.


The impact of these installations are triple tiered;

1.  campaigns to build up suspense with promotional marketing 

2. bedazzle audiences with your live show 

3. Sell your service via post production footage on your social channels. 

Have a vision you want to make into a reality? ​Book your free consultation now to find out how!

Festival Live Art & Performance

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